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The site has just been updated with some of the latest paintings. Click on the motive and you will see more examples of Gabriella Kauffmann latest art.


From a Distance

The painting showed at your right is titled
“From a Distance". It’s Oil/acrylic on canvas and measures 73x93 cm.

The overall theme plays on the idea that distance and development go together. And in her own words, she tells,


“…being distant gives you an opportunity to observe. Observing surrounding, observing nature - even observing oneself and the state of mind you are in…”


And after a slight pause she continues.


“…and by observing - you become aware and can acknowledge nature and life. But being aware also leads you to be conscious - and when you’re conscious you can change and develop…” 


For further information contact:

Gabriella Kauffmann

Rosenvængets Allé 6A
2100 København Ø

+45 20 44 14 44

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